Danielle (most call me Danny) (darkestrose2005) wrote in mightybooshshop,
Danielle (most call me Danny)

Openning early for a short time.

                Ok so great news, I'm out of school and my vacation has been moved to the end of this month or start of July and my friend will be coming here in August so i'll be home longer then i thought.  

               So here's the plan, i'll be making clay items all day for the next 3 days (Thursday-Saturday, 11th-13th) I'll be posting them in the store and setting it up, note it will still be in vacation mode during this time. On
ce i'm done setting it up i'll reopen it for sales. The date for openning is exspected for Monday June, 15th, and will be exspected to close June, 25th for my vacation and reopen again in August upon my return.

               Now i realize this is a short window to buy things from my shop but i do hope you order and enjoy, i will be working nonstop to putout plenty of items to select
from but unfortanly i wont beable to do any dolls or plushies for the 1st openning due to the short notice of all this and of course you'll have to wait for the August openning for the special Limited figure. But other than that, i'll have necklaces and some figures and pins for sale that i hope you'll like.


*****Openning Date June, 15th - June 25th*****

Thanks so much and do tell your boosh loving friends please, i'm saving up for an ipod touch lol

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