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New Mighty Boosh Items for sale!
 mightybooshshop - (darkestrose2005)
01:04pm 03/11/2009
Danielle (most call me Danny) posting in Mighty Boosh Fan Item Shop

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade
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Mighty Boosh Shop is Open!
 mightybooshshop - (darkestrose2005)
05:43am 15/06/2009
Danielle (most call me Danny) posting in Mighty Boosh Fan Item Shop

 Tell all your Boosh friends, it's open for only 10 days, will be ending june 25th.


     *Danny* <333
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The Big Opening!!
 mightybooshshop - (darkestrose2005)
01:42am 15/06/2009
Danielle (most call me Danny) posting in Mighty Boosh Fan Item Shop


 It's June 15th and it's 2am right now, just 3 more hours and my store will be up and running, there are a few limited items so you might want to make fast buys depending on what items you really want.

I hopw everyone likes everything,
hoping to sell out by the closing date on the 25th of June, only 10 days everybuddy, but be sure to cheak back in August for new items.



*Danny* <333
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 mightybooshshop - (darkestrose2005)
07:28pm 12/06/2009
Danielle (most call me Danny) posting in Mighty Boosh Fan Item Shop

 Ok, so here's an update of items and of the week. I've sofar made, 5 mighty boosh logo rings, 10 logo necklaces, 5 logo pins, 2 pairs of logo earrings, and 1 milky joe necklace< which is limited to only 1 (so for this item what you will see in the picture is the item you'll be getting) and i am right now today making, 2 mighty boosh logo hair pins, 2 written word hair pins, and the 2 limited keychains< only 2 made for sale due to i'm undecided on weither or not they'll return for sale in August) and i'm making 5 Hitcher themed pins. 

 Tomarrow i'll be making the figures, as of now i've decided to make(and this could change) 1 set of Howard and Vince figures from the episode of The Nightmare of Milky Joe, milky joe will be part of this set hopefully. 1 Naboo and Bollo set as they are normally seen(still on the fence about this) 1 Bob Fossil figure of course as he's normally seen. and i've decided even tho i think it's gonna be a hastle, i'm gonna try and make The Crack Fox, he's my favorite of season 3 so i find i must atleast try, but do too all the time it will take to make him, there's a fairly good chance he'll be limited to 1 figure and might not return in August, but there are hopes of it if people come to me and ask for another i'll make him.

 So that's the breakdown for whats been made and whats going to be made, there are like 1 or 2 more limited items which will only appear once and only based on popularly might return. But sofar everythings according to plan, i should be done with the making of items by the 13th and then it's the 14th for taking the pictures and setting up everything in the shop and i'll be making a promotional video presenting all my items and explaning what to expect in August, i'll be making and uploading it on YouTube on the 14th, the day before the opening, i'll be sure to post it here aswell.

I guess that's it xD, oh ya please do tell any Boosh lovers out there to follow me on Twitter for updates or join me here on Live Journel please, for in August depending on my shop popularly and interest in this blog or my twitter, i'll be holding contests for giveaways and what not so please get the word out, thanks.

  *Danny* <333
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music: watching the Mighty Boosh < big surprise :D
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Twitter updates.
 mightybooshshop - (darkestrose2005)
01:38am 12/06/2009
Danielle (most call me Danny) posting in Mighty Boosh Fan Item Shop

Hey all, like I said before i'll be working non-stop for the next 3 days, so I thought i'd let you know that I do have a Twitter so if you would like to add it and get updates on the items i'm making so you know what to expect for the opening.

Follow me on Twitter here:

Thanks all xD,
     *Danny* <333
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Openning early for a short time.
 mightybooshshop - (darkestrose2005)
04:41pm 10/06/2009
Danielle (most call me Danny) posting in Mighty Boosh Fan Item Shop

                Ok so great news, I'm out of school and my vacation has been moved to the end of this month or start of July and my friend will be coming here in August so i'll be home longer then i thought.  

               So here's the plan, i'll be making clay items all day for the next 3 days (Thursday-Saturday, 11th-13th) I'll be posting them in the store and setting it up, note it will still be in vacation mode during this time. On
ce i'm done setting it up i'll reopen it for sales. The date for openning is exspected for Monday June, 15th, and will be exspected to close June, 25th for my vacation and reopen again in August upon my return.

               Now i realize this is a short window to buy things from my shop but i do hope you order and enjoy, i will be working nonstop to putout plenty of items to select
from but unfortanly i wont beable to do any dolls or plushies for the 1st openning due to the short notice of all this and of course you'll have to wait for the August openning for the special Limited figure. But other than that, i'll have necklaces and some figures and pins for sale that i hope you'll like.


*****Openning Date June, 15th - June 25th*****

Thanks so much and do tell your boosh loving friends please, i'm saving up for an ipod touch lol

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Mighty Boosh Shop to open in September.
 mightybooshshop - (darkestrose2005)
07:34pm 22/05/2009
Danielle (most call me Danny) posting in Mighty Boosh Fan Item Shop

Hey to all Mighty Boosh Fans,

  1st of all your all very cool for liking the Mighty Boosh, 2nd I have a shop which in the past was a jewelry store with some things of the Mighty Boosh, but as of recently i closed for the summer i wont be back open untill september but i thought i'd give advanced notice on what i plain to do.

  Since i opened my shop (where i make items like jewelry and figures out of polymer clay) i got many people saying my items were cute and all and that they like them but not many sales at all. My best seller was the Mighty Boosh Logo necklace i make. 

  So out of my love for the Boosh and others love for it.
I have decided that in september when i open the store back up, it shall return as a Mighty Boosh fan item shop. I shall be working on many Boosh items to be posted for sale.

  Just a few of the things to come..

1. many different Mighty Boosh Necklaces such as the Boosh Logo.

2. mini figures of the Boosh cast.

3. many different Boosh pins.

4. there will also be Robots in Disguise items as i love Noel's girlfriend and her band dearly.

5. I'm working on some ideas for hair pins.

6. thinking i might even get out the sewing materal for some Boosh dolls, depends how rusty i am after so long lol.

7. Planning a very special figure for the big openning, and only a few will be made. All i'll say is it's about Vince, will be really cute and pretty big compaired to my figures.

And much much more xD

heres the link to my shop, bookmark me and cheak back in september for all of these items :D


i hope to see you all when i open back up, I will be posting when i have a date as to when i'll open back in september.

<333 *Danny*
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